Saturday, April 15, 2006


will i be better of if i am single
will i live better for being single

i dunno what i am feeling right now
i feel so confuse
do i really need a bf
or i have got cousins
is that enough

sometimes i do feel lonely

sometimes i feel like being alone
a bf will start nagging

which is better
i really dun know

which one do i like more
total freedom
or being tied up

hope there is a grey area

cousin's trip

from today i will try to write down what i can remember here
so that i wont forget them

last night ez stayed over at my house
we watched a movie about stories about granmas and daugters
my gosh i forgot the title of the movie
see so fast i have forgotten about it
it says how alike can granma and their gran daughter
it is really nice
touching i can say
Just that it give me a bad impression on marriage
too bad for me then

then the following morning
we went to eat breakfast in mcdonald
our favorite hang-out place
we talk talk and talk
i really appreciate it
all the talk we had
we always say that when we have children we will have them all gathered together
so we can teach them different things
and because all three if us have different attitude
so our children will be able to learn a lot of different things
how nice
oh i start imagining again * come back*

i really am glad that i have two cousins
although ....
but then ....

i love you both
cannot imagine what i will be without you both

Friday, January 13, 2006

triple date

i always thought that it sound fun
so i always wanted to try it
so at last we tried
not as i have always imagine
i always thought that it will be a three different kind of ethnics
but it is not
and not as fun as i thought too

so here i would like to apologize
sorry if i didnt make it a memorable one
sorry if i made you guys feeling uncomfortable

and thanks for being there for me
i love you guys so so much
i appreciate it all

so all the best to you my love ez
and ling take care

12 january

i will remember
for all that have happened

1) do not go genting alone without friends
2) do not go there when it is raining seasons
3) do not go there during peak seasons

at the other hand

1) thanks for being there for me
2) i miss you

Thursday, January 05, 2006

love definition

when you see him you feel the heart beats
when you don't see him you will miss him

is that all ?

what about
you need him
you want him to be there for you
you need companion
you want to talk to him
you someone to hold you when you fall
you want someone to care for you

is that all just acts of selfishness ?
are they excluded from the definition of love ?
oh how exciting is this world
it is full of mysterious things ...

i have just watched 'mean girls'
it is a rather old one
but then it still gives me some thinking
the word 'plastic'

i think there are a lot of plastic around us
rather you like it or not
they will always be there
maybe i am like that too (opps !)